Hangzhou Fengzi Arts and Entertainment Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Fengzi Arts” or “the company”) was founded in November 2015 by renowned real estate businessman Mr. Feng Lun. Fengzi Arts upholds the values of “Freedom and Creativity”, aiming at illustrating stories of businessmen, sharing business wisdoms, and widening the spectrum of our life experiences. The company has accumulated millions of active users from both online and offline channels.


Exploring the boundaries of life and new business frontiers

Our business consists of a wide variety of areas. It involves publishing business books; producing enterprise-favored original “FengLun FMN” talk shows; distributing real estate knowledge audio channels; and launching real estate overseas study tours targeting CEOs and executive level managers. As for now, the company has earned multiple awards from different reputable media institutions including Sina Finance, Newrank, Toutiao, and so on. On Feburary 2nd 2018, the Feng Lun invested “FMN-1” satellite was launched into space as the first private satellite in China. The pioneering event had gained a huge attention and exposure in public, and was reported by national media CCTV and other influential commercial media like Netease. “FMN-1” will be served as a bridge to arouse public’s interest in the aerospace industry through education and entertainment events.