Online Education Centre

FengLun FMN Online Education Centre is committed to provide the latest real estate knowledge services to the end users. Over the years, through inviting real estate and finance industry leaders and professionals to engage in our program-design process, Online Education Centre has been recognized by practitioners and consumers as one of the top real estate content program producers. Armed with a vision to better the real estate and finance ecosystems, Online Education Centre systematically launches audiobooks, audio programs, and videos courses to meet the ever-growing consumer demands in wealth management.  



FengLun FMN is now an influential and distinctive brand in the knowledge-payment industry. Online Education Centre’s goal is to connect consumers with other dominant leaders in the real estate related knowledge-payment industry. In the knowledge sharing aspect, Online Education Centre has cultivated long term partnerships with strategic alliances including XimalayaFM, Zhihu, Youshu, and Spiritual Wealth Club. In addition to that, Online Education Centre collaborates with industry giants Alipay and WeChat to strategically conduct both online and offline business activities.